dynastart hydraulics
dynastart hydraulics


A small compact oil cooler. Ideal for a walking floor, generator or compressor, for example.

If you are going to use a walking floor, heat development is an inevitable process.
But how do you ensure that your machine continues to work? There are two ways of doing this, by using a large tank with hydraulic oil, a pressure relief valve and a cartridge block. Or by using a small and compact cooler pack.

The Dyna-Coolerpack is a lightweight, compact oil cooler. This unit is equipped with a reservoir, filter and an oil-air cooler with a hydraulically driven fan. This system serves as a replacement for large, heavy oil tanks.

The small size of the Dyna-Coolerpack makes it easy to mount in a small space on any chassis.

Dimensions: L x W x H (mm)
640 x 236 x 490

– Maximum working pressure: 280 bar

– Maximum oil flow: 170 l/min

– Maximum cooling power : 18 kW

– Housing material : Aluminium

– Tank capacity : 14l

– Weight : 28kg (Dry)

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