At the moment we’re working on a new design of the Dyna-Unit!


A little compact oil cooler. Ideal for example a walking floor, generator or a compressor.

If you want to use a walking floor then heat generation is an inevitable process.

How do you make sure that your machine keeps working?

It can be done in two ways by using a big tank with hydraulic oil, pressure relief valve and a cartridge block, or by using a little and compact oil coller.

The benefit of the Dyna-Unit is that it is small and everything is intergrated. It makes sure that is much lighter and there is always a little spot for it. You will only need to connect two conduits so that the installation of the cooler is quickly and easily done.

Dimensions: L*W*H (mm)
555 * 360 * 435

  • Maximum working preasure : 300 bar
  • Maximum oil flow : 170 L/min
  • Maximum cooling capacity : 20 kW
  • Housing material : stainless steel
  • Tank capacity : 15 L
  • Weight : 40kg

If you’re interested just call or send us an e-mail and we can tell you more about it.

Download the PDF


Download pdf