PWT-Winches (Pump Wind technology GmbH)

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Specially for the Fire Department we deliver and build in winches of the brand PWT. This winch can be build in or under your vehicle in different ways, like on the chassis, inbetween the chassis or behind the rear shaft.

All the benefits for an easy use of this winch are avaliable, like constant traction of 5000 kg, plastic winch rope, radiographic remote control with indication of all desired information.

It is possible (depending on the vehicle) to build in the winch and letting the winch rope (or steel cable) run from the back through the front. This will mean that you will have constant traction of 10.000 kg on the back (approx. 25m length) and constant traction of 5000 kg at the front with approx. 50m length!

Combine this winch with a 30 kW generator on your HV and you will have an emergency vehicle for now and for the future!

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