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dynastart hydraulics

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Dynastart Hydraulics is your trusted partner in complicated hydraulic applications

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Specialism is our strength

Dynastart Hydraulics supplies generators, compressors and winches that are electrically, hydraulically or mechanically driven. We will help you make the right choice and can also take care of the assembly. Dynastart Hydraulics focuses on one specific area of work and makes sure that it is very good at it. You can try to do a little of everything, but then you become a generalist. We are a specialist in our field. Our people have extensive experience and follow courses and training in order to keep up with developments.

  • Generator/compressor set

    Ideal for users of service companies, for example, who need to have both power and compressed air available on the road. This set is equipped with a silent rotary vane compressor, so no noise pollution! Generator, choice of 7 to 25 kVA coupled to the PTO by a drive shaft Compressor: ca. 1330 ltr - 13 bar (other variants are also possible if required) Insulation monitoring in housing Excluding PTO The unit is supplied as a complete set, including the drive shaft, hydraulic hoses and oil, making it very easy to mount under/near the vehicle.
  • Hydraulically driven alternator 12V-150 Amp.

    Dynastart Hydraulics B.V. will take care of the complete delivery of this alternator equipped with a 4cc hydraulic motor. Required oil flow: Approx.≈ 14L/min @ 180 bar. Also available with a different hydraulic motor!
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